Sunday, 11 December 2016

MCM London October 2016

I'm probably a bit late in posting this since everyone has moved on from thoughts of October to thoughts of Christmas but I thought I'd post it nonetheless. It's my blog, damnit, I can write what I want to even if no-one's interested!

In October I went to MCM London Comic Con, the first comic con I'd ever been to and, I think I can safely say not the last. With my comic obsession growing and growing as bank balance in turn slowly withers away, I'd say this was always an inevitability. I went for two days and, of course, went all out in my 'all or nothing' fashion, cosplaying as my favourite comic character - Harley Quinn. As I'm sure you can image, I was certainly not the only Harley there but I tried to be a bit different by cosplaying as the current comic version rather than the new suicide squad version or the 'classic' jester Harley. Being my first cosplay, there's a lot to be improved and the lack of a sewing machine certainly hindered me a bit but I'm pretty darn proud and the whole atmosphere was very friendly and positive, with lots of people being very complimentary and taking pictures - I even ended up the in the Mirror! *excited squee*

I met so many amazing people, spent far too much money and have more funny stories than I can possible share in one post, including a very in-character Joker interjecting during a photo with a gorgeous Posion Ivy to berate her 'stealing his girlfriend again'.

Saturday, 10 December 2016

A jumble of blog-y ponderings

Today I thought about my blog again. It'd been a while since my mind returned to that little corner of the internet but it did and I thought I'd have a look at how it'd been doing. It's still here, quietly ticking away and, I was surprised to see, still getting a few views and comments here and there. I wasn't really quite sure what to think about that. I was kinda happy there were still people reading what I'd put out there, kinda sad, kinda guilty. 

I get obsessions. That's something I've always been guilty of. Like a child I go through little phases and fads during which I devote all of my attention to something and it becomes my whole identity only for my interest to suddenly wane some time later.  I suppose when you fixate on something so entirely it's never really sustainable. And if I'm honest with myself that's what happened with this blog. I spent so much time on writing, commenting on other blogs and chatting in twitter chats which, lets face it, takes up a lot of time and effort. That's all very well when that initial excitement is still there but after a while that gets a bit...much. You feel pressure to post, the writing starts to feel like essays and you can't keep up with the momentum you set up for yourself. I've always been an all or nothing kind of girl. I do it all or I just...don't. And that's what I keep doing with this blog. I go back to it, I get all obsessed again but I can't keep it up. I suck my own enjoyment out of it and it all gets a bit lost and I just let it go.