Sunday, 10 January 2016

Resolutions Revisited

I was really on the fence as to whether to write this post as there is such a fine line between being sarcastic and self-deprecating and just plain negative. However, having had a good response on twitter I decided to give it a go but if I sound like a grumpy cow I promise I'm not really!....much...

Every year, we all write resolutions and, to quote everyone, everywhere on New Years Eve, excitedly tell ourselves "new year, new me". As well intentioned as we are, a new number on the calendar doesn't have magical powers, doesn't make us suddenly make us able to do all those things that we've been putting off. As a result, our resolutions last a few weeks, maybe a months if we're lucky OR if you're me, you promptly forget about them and don't even attempt them at all. As New Year sprung around I suddenly remembered having written a resolutions post last year and, after revisiting it, had a little giggle over how completely they had gone out of the window. In this post, I thought I could take another look at them and pick them apart both for your amusement and to demonstrate to those that feel bad for not sticking to their resolutions that you cannot do as badly as me!

*side-note - damn, I miss the pen I used to write my resolutions last year. I need to stop losing things*

1. Make better quality videos and upload them more frequently.
After publishing my resolutions post I uploaded a grand total of.......*drumroll please*......ONE video! And that was back in February which, as well as being a month after writing the post, is a hell of a long time ago....whoopsy. As for improving the quality of my videos, that's pretty hard to do when you aren't actually making any but I will say I tried a lot harder on the thumbnails of my last two videos and it does show. On a positive note, I will soon be reviving my YouTube channel and have lots planned for it! Ooh, there I go again, being all ambitious and well intentioned. Will I ever learn?

2. Go to more events and meet other bloggers
I only actually went to one blogger event in 2015 because again, it's kinda hard to do things related to blogging when you're on a very long blogging hiatus. The event I did go to was the one I actually mentioned planning to attend in the post (the Bloggers Love LFW Dinner Party)....and it didn't really go too well. You can read about the mayhem surrounding that event here.

3. Spend more time promoting my blog and YouTube
Getting pretty repetitive now but...
Dear past-Eleanor, you can't blooming do that when you're sitting on your arse instead of even blogging!

4. Get organised - learn to balance and prioritize.
Oh geez, this one was probably the most unrealistic for me. Try as I might, organisation will never be my strong point. Even past-Eleanor twigged on to this one! I quote - "whether I actually will [get myself sorted] is a completely different matter". To be fair to myself, this post was actually written  in advance to being published as part of a bulk writing session. However, I'm not sure it really counts since it is now the year after having made those resolutions and this is the first time I've ever convinced myself to sit down and write in bulk. 

5. Cut down on binge watching
Ahahahahahaha, I watched the entire first series of Gotham in three days last week. Moving swiftly on...

6. Make 2015 even more amazing than 2014 has been.
Yep, okay. I'll give myself this one. It's been pretty great. SEE! I can end on a positive note!

So I hope this post hasn't been too negative! Happy New Year to all my readers and I hope you all achieve your resolutions if you have any, rather than royally fail as I have done!

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  1. I feel like if I look back at my resolutions I'll just disappoint myself haha! Great post :)

  2. I think it can be tough to stick to certain resolutions when we are trying to change ourselves too much. At least you can look back on them and learn for this year :). I used to do the same with a million resolutions, so this year I just focused on one. Being positive & happy within myself & my life x

    Beauty with charm

  3. i really should do this for myself but I already know I flopped at my resolutions haha!
    great post :)


  4. I haven't made resolutions for years because I never followed them. I've made a great start with this years...but we are only ten days in, haha!
    30 Plus and Beautiful

  5. Ahaha, this is amazing. I'm trying to cut down on the binge watching as well (this year) ... but that just ended up in watching more films than TV shows, ends up to consume the same amount of times.
    Resolutions are there to be broken, I'll say. :p

    xx Danee

  6. Awww I loved reading this! Don't be too hard on yourself, you've done really well! And binge watching the entire first series of Gotham in three days, well that's an achievement in itself haha! ;) keep it up girl! I hope that 2016 is a wonderful year for you! :)

    Heather Xx

    1. Aha, an achievement, that's one way of looking at it :P

  7. Great resolutions! I definitely want to try and attend an event this year as they always sound like such fun! x

    Darling Jordan || Giveaway

  8. This was a great idea to look back at your resolutions! I've seen so many posts about new resolutions but it's smart to look back and see if you achieved your old ones before you make any new ones!:)

    Shannon Sage

  9. Great post! thanks for sharing, and It's such a great idea:) Do you want to support each others blog by following each other? Please let me know so I can follow you right back:)


  10. Great post dear!

  11. I've given up on resolutions, I always fail, every damned year haha

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog

  12. I love this post! I can't even remember what my resolutions were - apart from drinking more water which is the only one I've stuck to!
    Aimee X

    1. Well that's something! And always a good change to make. You definitely did better than me :P

  13. My resolutions never go to plan but I'm determined to make them work this year! How do you go to more events and meet new bloggers - would love to do that x

    P.s your blog is amazing and your blog header


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