Sunday, 11 December 2016

MCM London October 2016

I'm probably a bit late in posting this since everyone has moved on from thoughts of October to thoughts of Christmas but I thought I'd post it nonetheless. It's my blog, damnit, I can write what I want to even if no-one's interested!

In October I went to MCM London Comic Con, the first comic con I'd ever been to and, I think I can safely say not the last. With my comic obsession growing and growing as bank balance in turn slowly withers away, I'd say this was always an inevitability. I went for two days and, of course, went all out in my 'all or nothing' fashion, cosplaying as my favourite comic character - Harley Quinn. As I'm sure you can image, I was certainly not the only Harley there but I tried to be a bit different by cosplaying as the current comic version rather than the new suicide squad version or the 'classic' jester Harley. Being my first cosplay, there's a lot to be improved and the lack of a sewing machine certainly hindered me a bit but I'm pretty darn proud and the whole atmosphere was very friendly and positive, with lots of people being very complimentary and taking pictures - I even ended up the in the Mirror! *excited squee*

I met so many amazing people, spent far too much money and have more funny stories than I can possible share in one post, including a very in-character Joker interjecting during a photo with a gorgeous Posion Ivy to berate her 'stealing his girlfriend again'.

Saturday, 10 December 2016

A jumble of blog-y ponderings

Today I thought about my blog again. It'd been a while since my mind returned to that little corner of the internet but it did and I thought I'd have a look at how it'd been doing. It's still here, quietly ticking away and, I was surprised to see, still getting a few views and comments here and there. I wasn't really quite sure what to think about that. I was kinda happy there were still people reading what I'd put out there, kinda sad, kinda guilty. 

I get obsessions. That's something I've always been guilty of. Like a child I go through little phases and fads during which I devote all of my attention to something and it becomes my whole identity only for my interest to suddenly wane some time later.  I suppose when you fixate on something so entirely it's never really sustainable. And if I'm honest with myself that's what happened with this blog. I spent so much time on writing, commenting on other blogs and chatting in twitter chats which, lets face it, takes up a lot of time and effort. That's all very well when that initial excitement is still there but after a while that gets a bit...much. You feel pressure to post, the writing starts to feel like essays and you can't keep up with the momentum you set up for yourself. I've always been an all or nothing kind of girl. I do it all or I just...don't. And that's what I keep doing with this blog. I go back to it, I get all obsessed again but I can't keep it up. I suck my own enjoyment out of it and it all gets a bit lost and I just let it go.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

My Top 3 Candles

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Elesaurus has had a makeover!

Those that have been following me for a while will have noticed that Elesaurus has had a complete makeover! Having returned to blogging after a very long hiatus, I felt that it was time for a new start, with the first step being a proper domain name, and the second a revamped blog design. Although I was and still am extremely proud of the original design which was my first stint into coding, it really no longer reflected how I wanted to present Elesaurus and I no longer felt satisfied with the slightly childish design.

After my first attempt, I felt so much more confident with coding and really wanted to experiment a bit more and play around with my blog layout, resulting in a design which, although not perfect, is definitely a vast improvement on the former. I want to continue to improve  the content and reach of my blog and giving it a cleaner, more professional look will, I hope, help in achieving this.

For new followers or those that can't remember, this is what my blog formerly looked like:

I'm so excited to finally have my new blog design live and, although I hope you love it as much as I do, would be so grateful for feedback so I can continue to improve it and the rest of my blog so please do leave your comments and thoughts!

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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Wandering in the Woods

For this post, I dragged my poor flatmate to the Richmond Park for a little photoshoot featuring a scarf  from Lylia Rose, who were kind enough to send me a scarf of my choosing. As someone who will always wear dresses whatever the weather, they are absolute must haves along with cardigans and tights in order to get me through the colder seasons. I chose this navy dog print scarf because, being dark coloured it is thoroughly in my safe zone but the metallic foil print gives it a touch of sparkle which I really love and prevents my often dark-coloured outfits from looking too gloomy.

I really enjoyed putting this outfit together as it was mostly comprised of new pieces which I'd recently treated myself to; those with a keen eye may actually recognize the boots as being those which featured in a recent wishlist post... I caved and bought them. One can totally rationalise shopping if it's "for my blog", right? 

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Resolutions Revisited

I was really on the fence as to whether to write this post as there is such a fine line between being sarcastic and self-deprecating and just plain negative. However, having had a good response on twitter I decided to give it a go but if I sound like a grumpy cow I promise I'm not really!....much...

Every year, we all write resolutions and, to quote everyone, everywhere on New Years Eve, excitedly tell ourselves "new year, new me". As well intentioned as we are, a new number on the calendar doesn't have magical powers, doesn't make us suddenly make us able to do all those things that we've been putting off. As a result, our resolutions last a few weeks, maybe a months if we're lucky OR if you're me, you promptly forget about them and don't even attempt them at all. As New Year sprung around I suddenly remembered having written a resolutions post last year and, after revisiting it, had a little giggle over how completely they had gone out of the window. In this post, I thought I could take another look at them and pick them apart both for your amusement and to demonstrate to those that feel bad for not sticking to their resolutions that you cannot do as badly as me!

*side-note - damn, I miss the pen I used to write my resolutions last year. I need to stop losing things*

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Sales Wishlist: Bath and Beauty

Bath and Beauty Sales Wishlist
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1. Benefit You're So Party Set  - £26.33 (previously £39.50) from Boots - For me, Benefit is one of those if-I-had-all-the-money-in-the-world-I-would-buy-every-product-they-make brands. Their products are of great quality, beautifully packaged, and are forever taunting me in features on other blogs. This set is reduced by a over a quarter of the original price and all the products it contains are ones I have been dying to try out.
2. Jack Wills Weekend Essentials - £25 (previously £50) from Boots - I'm not even going to pretend the cute backpack isn't what mostly attracts me to this gift set. I have been saying I want a new backpack for ages and the tartan print of this one works wonderfully. Having been reduced by so much, £25 is a steal for a backpack alone, and the body wash, body scrub, lotion, body butter, water, bottle and body polisher are great bonuses that no one could turn their noses up at.
3. Smashbox Double Exposure Mini Palette - £11.99 (previously £17.50) from Smashbox UK - What I really love about this palette is that, although all neutral colours (excepting the blue), they do not look samey as can be the case in many such palettes. The colours compliment each other yet are very much different from one another. I think this is a great colour selection for everyday makeup looks and, being a mini palette, it would fit perfectly in your bag for touch-ups or applying makeup on the go.
4. Chocomania Body Lotion - £1 (previously £8) from The Body Shop - This doesn't really belong on a wishlist because it is so darn cheap I am almost definitely getting it, but I wanted to include it here nonetheless so as to give my readers a heads up on such an amazing bargain! The Body Shop always have great reductions during sales and this January they certainly didn't disappoint. I always love the quality of their products and although a chocolate scented body lotion may prove too sickly to some, it is perfect for those as addicted to all things sweet as I. 
5. Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette - £34.20 (previously £38) from Feel Unique - Admittedly, this product has barely been reduced in comparison to the rest of the products on this list but this palette from Urban Decay is definitely worth the cost. Urban Decay palettes have been making their rounds in the blogosphere for quiet a while and with each new release retain their popularity. The quality of their eyeshadows are probably one of the best you can find and the variety of shades in this palette is, in my opinion at least, far better than those in the rest of the Naked range,
6. Lip and Cheek Stain - £6 (previously £12) from The Body Shop - A good lip and cheek stain is perfectly for an everyday look or those that prefer a more natural makeup look, giving ones lips a bit of colour without being as harsh or bold as a lipstick. The Body Shop's lip and cheap stain is iconic and, unlike many, does not dry out the lips or apply patchily. 

Have you picked up any beauty bargains in the January sales?

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Saturday, 2 January 2016

Sales Wishlist: Clothes and Shoes

Boxing day may be over but the sales are still going strong! As a student, I daren't venture out to the sales as I know I'd get carried away with the bargains and would have to apologies to my poor bank balance. However, that doesn't stop me from online window shopping and these are some of the clothing and shoe goodies I've been lusting after and unfortunately may even find myself giving in and buying!

1. A-Line Overlay Dress - £15 (previously £46) from Top Shop - I have really surprised myself in loving this dress as I usually go for skater style dresses in darker colours. However, I absolutely adore the colour of this dress and its design is so simple and elegant with the contrasting panels adding a lovely touch. This is also the biggest reduction on the this list. A £15 dress from Top Shop, £31 less than the original price? Who can say no?!
2. Blanket Wrap - £8 (previously £19.99) from New Look  - I'm such a fan of blanket wraps at the moment (even though I have yet to own one) because they're super comfy and cosy and you can simply just throw one on. This one from New Look is fringed in a red check print and, unlike most sale items, you don't have to worry about the store running out of your size because it's one size only.
3. Platform Boots - £14 (previously £29.99) from H&M - These chunky yet feminine boots would look amazing paired with a girly dress and some over the knee socks. The heel may be rather high for some but the platform of course makes up some of the height, and their sturdy design should mean it doesn't feel like to much of a balancing act to walk in. Their durable design would also be perfect for someone heavy footed and tough on their shoes like me).
4. Red Check Playsuit - £19.99 (previously £24.99) from Debenhams - Since taking up Lindyhop, I have become a massive fan of playsuits (being spun around in a skater skirt can lead to awkward moments). All you have to do is throw one on and you've got a whole outfit! This one from Debenhams is great for everyday wear and, like the blanket wrap also featured on this wishlist, satiates my love of checkered patterns.
5. Studded Velvet Shorts - £24 (previously £42) from Top Shop - Although I don't usually wear shorts, these ones have managed to make it onto my wishlist! Their dark colour means they still reside in my safe zone and the studs which cover the shorts give them an edgy twist.
6. Burgundy Longline Biker Jacket - £26 (previously £49.99) from New Look - A warm coat is always an essential in the colder months. This burgundy coat comes in my favourite colour (which probably features a little too much in my wardrobe) and features a chic faux fur colour. Unlike my other coats which look best with skirts and dresses, this one would look perfect paired with some slim-fit trousers and I am so tempted as a result! I need it, right?!

Have you picked up any new clothes from the sales this season?
Keep an eye out for my makeup and beauty sale picks in the next few days.

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