Wednesday, 30 December 2015

New Hobbies

Here we are again, 7 months after publishing a shameful post apologizing for not having posted for two months. For all my good intentions I must admit my return to blogging didn't last long. This time, although determined not to lose my motivation again, I hope so slip back in to blogging rather than jump back in with a long, apologetic post which will ultimately leave me feeling pressured and guilty. So here we go, straight into a new post...wish me luck?

This post is entitled 'new hobbies' although in truth it would have been more accurate for me to have written 'new hobby', with the hobby in question being lindyhop. In my first year of university, spending money and going out was something I was terrified of doing, not wanting to spend away my student loan. As a result, my only real hobby was blogging which, as we have seen, did not last forever. However, with the very long break over Summer, I have really been able to get out and actually do things, finding new interests such as lindyhop and also developing a minor obsession with comics (neglecting to mention that here as I was unsure it would interest my readers but I'd love to know if you want to hear about it). 

Me at my first lindyhop event, completely clueless as to how to dance! (I'm on the right!)

For those that don't know, lindyhop is a form of swing dance which evolved in Harlem in the 20s and 30s continuing into the 40s, and is danced to the jazz and swing music which was popular at the time. It's a very loose dance, performed in a loose posture with bent knees and, I suppose, can be considered the street dance of the time due to this (it's not old-fashioned in a fuddy duddy sense, I promise!). For those that have a liking for the retro and vintage, or even those who don't, it is enormous fun. As someone who has always been a clumsy heffalump with two left feet, it feels amazing to actually be able to dance, and through attending social dances I have been able to dance with some incredible and experienced leads who guided me into dance moves I would never have otherwise been able to do. I am currently still a newbie, only 4-5 months into my lindyhop journey so am by no means a great dancer, but have learnt so much in that time.  As a student teacher, I am also so excited by the prospect of introducing lindyhop to the children I will one day teach. How cute would they look dancing around to the music of the swing era?

The INCREDIBLE dancing of Whitey's Lindyhoppers in 1941

Do you lindyhop or do any kind of dancing? What new hobbies have you found recently?

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