Sunday, 10 May 2015

Nail Art with Born Pretty

Although I am sad to say I have little time to spend on something to intricate and time-consuming nowadays, not to mention my nails never seem to be long enough, nail art has always been something I enjoy doing and showing off. Come on, surely I’m not the only one that, after painting little ladybirds on my nails, has waved my hand around in front of peoples’ faces at every opportunity in the hopes that they will remark on my nails so that I can say “oh, these? I forgot I’d painted them. It just took a few minutes last night.” Oh, the blatant lies!

Born Pretty Nail Brush Set Review

In order to get those intricate designs perfect on such a tiny canvas, especially when attempting to paint them on your right hand, nail art tools are imperative. This gorgeous little 7 piece set of nail art brushes and a dotting tool from Born Pretty encompass everything one would need for only £2.89. However, if you find using such tools a bit too fiddly or, like me, find little time to use them, Born Pretty also have a large range of nail stamping plates in their own designs, such as those pictured, or some sneaky dupes of the lovely yet pricey Konad ones.

This set features a good range of brushes, including a dotting tool and two stripers. The various sizes of brushes are suitable for the creation of both intricate designs and solid blocks of colour. I particularly love using the fan brush for creating streaks or layers of colour, and often use it to layer a streak of gold polish over a deep pink shade. The brushes are a little to clean but this would very much be the case with any nail art brushes as, let’s face it, nail polish is so difficult to clean off! I certainly recommended using acrylic paints rather than nail varnish for this reason. My only criticism of this set would really be that I’d prefer there to be multiple dotters of different sizes as I love dots and polka dots and sport them quite often.

Born Pretty Stamping Plates Review

The specific stamping plates featured in this post are BP-10 and BP-17 which are priced at only £1.95 each. Unlike many stamping plates which feature small ‘nail sized’ designs, the full nail designs on these plates encompass a large portion of the plate. As a result, they will be suitable for use for those with longer nails. Also, different parts of the design could be placed on different nails for some interesting differentiation. However, one difference which you will notice between these and more expensive nail art plates is that the designs are rather shallow. As a result, they will not pick up for all nail polishes, and you would really be best using those produced specifically for stamping. These polishes can also be bought from Born Pretty at a rather modest cost along with other stamping accessories such as a scraper, stamper, and nail plate case.

As always, if you want to buy these products or any other from Born Pretty, use my code for 10% off! - WRH10

What are your favourite nail tools and stamping plates? What designs would you like to see me recreate on my nails with these tools?

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  1. Wow haha, I've never done any nail art actually. But I've always wanted to. Not quite sure I have the patience for it though. Quite tempted though!

  2. I love doing nail art but have never heard of nail stamps before
    Laura x

  3. I've got similar brushes and have used them once! I imagine the stamps would be easier!

    Laura |


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  5. I've always wanted to give myself nail art, but I'm so impatient I'm worried I'd smudge it really bad :/ Have fun with your nails!


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