Thursday, 5 March 2015

Cat Eye

Although I have been trying to branch out with my everyday makeup routine recently, winged liner will always be my go-to staple look, making eyeliner and mascara the most important products in my makeup collection. When asked by BornPrettyStore to review some more makeup products, I was instantly drawn to this cute cat-themed mascara by Balala and eyeliner pen by Landbis. Both would make valuable additions to anyone's makeup collection, although the mascara is perfect for those that prefer a lighter makeup look.

Firstly, let's start with what made these products originally catch my eye - the packaging. They're cat-themed with incredibly cute little 3D cat faces on the lids. Despite being made by two different brands the mascara and eyeliner match well and look very attractive side-by-side. Who can resist?

Whilst my favourite product for creating a winged liner look is gel liner, I always like to keep an eyeliner pen handy for quick application when I'm running late or in a rush. The best pen I have used thus far is the L'Oreal Paris Perfect Slim Super Liner which I shall compare to Landbis' beautifully presented offering. 

In terms of price, Landbis wins hands-down as would be expected from BornPrettStore, selling for only £1.96 compared to £6.99 for L'Oreal's superliner. The lasting power of both liners is relatively similar with L'Oreal just catching the edge. As can be seen from the below pictures, when first applied both liners are extremely opaque, although Landbis differs in that it looks slightly more matte and greyer in colour. When put under running water both proved to be fairly waterproof but once I began scrubbing, they were easily removed. However, whilst L'Oreal faded away evenly, Landbis simply crumbled away. Nonetheless, its imperviousness to running water (and likely also rain) is impressive and you're unlikely to rub your eyes whilst wearing makeup so this is not really a drawback. 

One aspect of the Landbis eyeliner which I am not so keen on is the nib, which is rather short and fat in comparison to the L'Oreal one, reducing ease of application. This is however arguably more of a personal gripe, with thinner nibs simply being more preferable to me

The mascara is once again incredibly cheap at only £2.62 and is perfect as an everyday mascara for those that prefer a subtle look, or for those with lighter eyelashes hoping for a mascara that will simply darken their lashes. Despite this 'fiber velvet' mascara's claims to be lash thickening and lengthening, I haven't really found this to be the case, making it one to avoid for those that prefer a more dramatic eye look. A thickening and lengthening effect can of course be created through layering multiple coats of mascara, although one can see in the photograph below that the difference between one and two layers of mascara is not very drastic. This does mean that the wearer will avoid those dreaded mascara clumps, and I found the brush to separate my lashes very well, adding to the more 'natural' look.  

I also found it to last well on my lashes throughout the day, without flaking off or smudging under my eyes, yet found it to be very easily removed when I chose to unlike many other mascaras which have a decent lasting power. We've all struggled to remove those dreaded waterproof mascaras - the only ones that don't seem to end up under your eyes and making you look like a panda!

Balala Mascara
Overall, both products are ones which I would thoroughly recommend, but with the eyeliner perhaps being my favourite of the two due to my preferring more lengthening mascaras. However, the mascara is still ideal for every-day use due to its natural look and all-day lasting power. As always, feel free to use my coupon code to get 10% off of your next order at BornPrettyStore and click here to read previous reviews of their products.

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