Wednesday, 30 December 2015

New Hobbies

Here we are again, 7 months after publishing a shameful post apologizing for not having posted for two months. For all my good intentions I must admit my return to blogging didn't last long. This time, although determined not to lose my motivation again, I hope so slip back in to blogging rather than jump back in with a long, apologetic post which will ultimately leave me feeling pressured and guilty. So here we go, straight into a new post...wish me luck?

This post is entitled 'new hobbies' although in truth it would have been more accurate for me to have written 'new hobby', with the hobby in question being lindyhop. In my first year of university, spending money and going out was something I was terrified of doing, not wanting to spend away my student loan. As a result, my only real hobby was blogging which, as we have seen, did not last forever. However, with the very long break over Summer, I have really been able to get out and actually do things, finding new interests such as lindyhop and also developing a minor obsession with comics (neglecting to mention that here as I was unsure it would interest my readers but I'd love to know if you want to hear about it). 

Me at my first lindyhop event, completely clueless as to how to dance! (I'm on the right!)

For those that don't know, lindyhop is a form of swing dance which evolved in Harlem in the 20s and 30s continuing into the 40s, and is danced to the jazz and swing music which was popular at the time. It's a very loose dance, performed in a loose posture with bent knees and, I suppose, can be considered the street dance of the time due to this (it's not old-fashioned in a fuddy duddy sense, I promise!). For those that have a liking for the retro and vintage, or even those who don't, it is enormous fun. As someone who has always been a clumsy heffalump with two left feet, it feels amazing to actually be able to dance, and through attending social dances I have been able to dance with some incredible and experienced leads who guided me into dance moves I would never have otherwise been able to do. I am currently still a newbie, only 4-5 months into my lindyhop journey so am by no means a great dancer, but have learnt so much in that time.  As a student teacher, I am also so excited by the prospect of introducing lindyhop to the children I will one day teach. How cute would they look dancing around to the music of the swing era?

The INCREDIBLE dancing of Whitey's Lindyhoppers in 1941

Do you lindyhop or do any kind of dancing? What new hobbies have you found recently?

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Saturday, 30 May 2015

DIY Comic Book Shoes

With the Summer holidays having arrived, I have finally found time to make something that has been on my ‘to do’ list for a shamefully long time (probably as long as I have had this blog). After seeing a picture of comic book shoes on Pinterest, I knew I HAD to make some and, thanks to Primark stocking Marvel themed products for some time, including wrapping paper, I thankfully did not have to find and destroy any poor comic books. The marvel products are no longer stocked in Primark I believe so yes, that wrapping paper had been sitting on my shelf for quite a while waiting to be used – damn university for getting in the way of my whims! Do my lecturers not realise that shoes are far more important that assignments?

DIY Comic Book Shoes

The shoes used in this project were plain black heels from Primark which set me back £10. I had been keeping an eye out in charity shops for ones I could use, which would have been even more cost effective, but unfortunately I’m far too fussy when it comes to shoes. The material of the shoes is also of importance. The shoes I used were faux suede, meaning they have more rigidity than cloth but would soak in the glue unlike, for example, patent.

To make these shoes, I simply cut the wrapping paper into small pieces and layered it on the shoes with Mod Podge glue. It is important that these pieces are not so small as to prevent the larger characters from being seen, yet not too large or the curvature of the shoe will cause them to wrinkle and fold. I also used Mod Podge (a decoupage glue) rather than PVA as it is stronger and, unlike PVA, it will not begin to peel after time. Some websites advise ‘making’ decoupage glue by adding water to PVA glue but this doesn’t really work; all you’ll be achieving is watering it down and it will still peel! As Mod Podge is an American brand, I ordered mine of Amazon, but really any decoupage glue will do. The glue also acts as a sealant so after sticking the wrapping paper on to the shoes, I painted two thin layers of glue on top, allowing time for drying between applications.

DIY Comic Book Shoes

DIY Comic Book Shoes

Finally – the soles. These were the product of a terrible waste of nail polish (I didn’t realise quite how much it would use) and a lot of time. I chose to paint the soles different colours to give them even more of a quirky twist, and painted 2-3 layers in order to achieve a rather opaque colour. This obviously leaves the soles very smooth and slippery, so I’d recommend rubbing the sole with a nail file or something similar in order to create a rough surface and thus some grip. Also, bare in mind that these soles are in no way going to last forever, so expect to leave little red or blue patches wherever you walk!

What craft projects have you been making recently? Would you wear comic book shoes?

P.S. Apologies for the awful photos, my camera is off for repairs.

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Monday, 18 May 2015

Limited Edition KISStick

Today’s review is one I am excited to share with you, being of a newly released and limited edition lipstick I was able to snag ahead of the release date on the 20th May!

Let’s begin with a little background information about KISS Cosmetics before we get onto the lipstick itself. KISS is a new brand for 2015 but, during its development, was already fully establishing itself in the blogging world, drawing on feedback from a variety of beauty bloggers whilst in the process of designing its packaging and products. The pricing of their products is of a typical high street price, and all are comprised of cruelty free ingredients –  no animal testing here!

Osculate Orchid KISStick Review

Although 10 shades of ‘KISSstick’ are already for sale on their website, but ‘Osculate Orchid’ will be available as a limited edition shade on the 20th of May. As a purple shade with fuchsia undertones, it is a very daring colour, even for a lover of bold lipstick such as I! However, despite the idea of a purple lipstick being rather daunting, KISS describes it as a “fail safe” for captivating lips and has designed it to suit all skin undertones, meaning there’s no fear of looking like an alien, no matter your skintone. Although I cannot speak to the validity of this claim, I have certainly found it to suit my own skin tone perfectly (which, for the record, is a deathly pale one and thus difficult to cater to). I certainly think such an unusual shade is a must-have for anyone’s collection, and such a bright fuchsia shade is the perfect way to rock a bold lip in the Summer months.

In terms of pricing, this lipstick is fairly standard for an every-day high street lipstick, retailing at £7; not an incredible bargain but certainly nothing that shall break the bank. However, in terms of value for money, it is certainly a must have, being a well pigmented lipstick with a beautiful satin finish. The lasting power was also impressive as it did not bleed, and even stained my lips slightly, meaning it stayed put throughout the day with minimal touch-ups. The picture below really doesn't do the colour payoff justice! In person, it's slightly bright and with much more of a fuchsia hue.

Osculate Orchid KISStick Review

Head on over to the KISSCosmetics website after the 20th May to grab this limited edition lipstick and check out their 10 other gorgeous shades whilst you’re there!

Would you dare to wear such a bold shade this Summer?

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Sunday, 10 May 2015

Nail Art with Born Pretty

Although I am sad to say I have little time to spend on something to intricate and time-consuming nowadays, not to mention my nails never seem to be long enough, nail art has always been something I enjoy doing and showing off. Come on, surely I’m not the only one that, after painting little ladybirds on my nails, has waved my hand around in front of peoples’ faces at every opportunity in the hopes that they will remark on my nails so that I can say “oh, these? I forgot I’d painted them. It just took a few minutes last night.” Oh, the blatant lies!

Born Pretty Nail Brush Set Review

In order to get those intricate designs perfect on such a tiny canvas, especially when attempting to paint them on your right hand, nail art tools are imperative. This gorgeous little 7 piece set of nail art brushes and a dotting tool from Born Pretty encompass everything one would need for only £2.89. However, if you find using such tools a bit too fiddly or, like me, find little time to use them, Born Pretty also have a large range of nail stamping plates in their own designs, such as those pictured, or some sneaky dupes of the lovely yet pricey Konad ones.

This set features a good range of brushes, including a dotting tool and two stripers. The various sizes of brushes are suitable for the creation of both intricate designs and solid blocks of colour. I particularly love using the fan brush for creating streaks or layers of colour, and often use it to layer a streak of gold polish over a deep pink shade. The brushes are a little to clean but this would very much be the case with any nail art brushes as, let’s face it, nail polish is so difficult to clean off! I certainly recommended using acrylic paints rather than nail varnish for this reason. My only criticism of this set would really be that I’d prefer there to be multiple dotters of different sizes as I love dots and polka dots and sport them quite often.

Born Pretty Stamping Plates Review

The specific stamping plates featured in this post are BP-10 and BP-17 which are priced at only £1.95 each. Unlike many stamping plates which feature small ‘nail sized’ designs, the full nail designs on these plates encompass a large portion of the plate. As a result, they will be suitable for use for those with longer nails. Also, different parts of the design could be placed on different nails for some interesting differentiation. However, one difference which you will notice between these and more expensive nail art plates is that the designs are rather shallow. As a result, they will not pick up for all nail polishes, and you would really be best using those produced specifically for stamping. These polishes can also be bought from Born Pretty at a rather modest cost along with other stamping accessories such as a scraper, stamper, and nail plate case.

As always, if you want to buy these products or any other from Born Pretty, use my code for 10% off! - WRH10

What are your favourite nail tools and stamping plates? What designs would you like to see me recreate on my nails with these tools?

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Friday, 1 May 2015

I'm a bad blogger

This post has been one I have found very difficult to write. Looking at my post archive, I cannot believe I have let two months past without writing a single post. As I have stated in the title of this post, the first for a very long time, I am a bad blogger. 

Why has it been so long? I reached a point where I suppose many bloggers find themselves eventually, wherein I became disillusioned with blogging. Suddenly, blogging becomes a chore and one finds oneself not looking forward to writing as one should but instead having to force oneself to write. That is certainly not an attitude that one should have towards a hobby. 

Not only have I been unable to persuade myself to write, but I have also found myself at a loss regarding what to write. In short, I have been suffering from both reluctance to write, and a lack of inspiration. I would like to blame university and business for my lack of writing but, although it does play a part, it would not be entirely true. Certainly, after writing mountains of assignments, more writing is not at all appealing, regardless of the topic, but I cannot pretend that I haven't had plenty of free time during which I could have been blogging. I simply didn't bother. Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months until it had reached a point where my blog, that which I had poured so much of myself into, had turned into this ugly great monster at the back of my mind. I would feel guilt for no longer posting, and would not even view the website for fear of what the analytics would reveal.

I missed blogging terribly. I missed my little corner of the internet where I could express myself and write my passions. I missed the pride it gave me, the purpose it gave me, and being able to tell people "I'm a blogger" when they asked after my hobbies. But finally, here I am, and hopefully for good. This first little post is my flag, my little shout into the void. Is anyone still here to read this? I truly hope you are. And if you are, thankyou for sticking with me.

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Thursday, 5 March 2015

Cat Eye

Although I have been trying to branch out with my everyday makeup routine recently, winged liner will always be my go-to staple look, making eyeliner and mascara the most important products in my makeup collection. When asked by BornPrettyStore to review some more makeup products, I was instantly drawn to this cute cat-themed mascara by Balala and eyeliner pen by Landbis. Both would make valuable additions to anyone's makeup collection, although the mascara is perfect for those that prefer a lighter makeup look.

Firstly, let's start with what made these products originally catch my eye - the packaging. They're cat-themed with incredibly cute little 3D cat faces on the lids. Despite being made by two different brands the mascara and eyeliner match well and look very attractive side-by-side. Who can resist?

Whilst my favourite product for creating a winged liner look is gel liner, I always like to keep an eyeliner pen handy for quick application when I'm running late or in a rush. The best pen I have used thus far is the L'Oreal Paris Perfect Slim Super Liner which I shall compare to Landbis' beautifully presented offering. 

In terms of price, Landbis wins hands-down as would be expected from BornPrettStore, selling for only £1.96 compared to £6.99 for L'Oreal's superliner. The lasting power of both liners is relatively similar with L'Oreal just catching the edge. As can be seen from the below pictures, when first applied both liners are extremely opaque, although Landbis differs in that it looks slightly more matte and greyer in colour. When put under running water both proved to be fairly waterproof but once I began scrubbing, they were easily removed. However, whilst L'Oreal faded away evenly, Landbis simply crumbled away. Nonetheless, its imperviousness to running water (and likely also rain) is impressive and you're unlikely to rub your eyes whilst wearing makeup so this is not really a drawback. 

One aspect of the Landbis eyeliner which I am not so keen on is the nib, which is rather short and fat in comparison to the L'Oreal one, reducing ease of application. This is however arguably more of a personal gripe, with thinner nibs simply being more preferable to me

The mascara is once again incredibly cheap at only £2.62 and is perfect as an everyday mascara for those that prefer a subtle look, or for those with lighter eyelashes hoping for a mascara that will simply darken their lashes. Despite this 'fiber velvet' mascara's claims to be lash thickening and lengthening, I haven't really found this to be the case, making it one to avoid for those that prefer a more dramatic eye look. A thickening and lengthening effect can of course be created through layering multiple coats of mascara, although one can see in the photograph below that the difference between one and two layers of mascara is not very drastic. This does mean that the wearer will avoid those dreaded mascara clumps, and I found the brush to separate my lashes very well, adding to the more 'natural' look.  

I also found it to last well on my lashes throughout the day, without flaking off or smudging under my eyes, yet found it to be very easily removed when I chose to unlike many other mascaras which have a decent lasting power. We've all struggled to remove those dreaded waterproof mascaras - the only ones that don't seem to end up under your eyes and making you look like a panda!

Balala Mascara
Overall, both products are ones which I would thoroughly recommend, but with the eyeliner perhaps being my favourite of the two due to my preferring more lengthening mascaras. However, the mascara is still ideal for every-day use due to its natural look and all-day lasting power. As always, feel free to use my coupon code to get 10% off of your next order at BornPrettyStore and click here to read previous reviews of their products.

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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

My First Blogger Event - The #BloggersLoveLFW Fiasco

BloggersLoveLFW Event

WARNING: This post is full of dissapointment.

Until Tuesday I had never before attended a blogger event and I cannot say my first experience of one was all too enjoyable. On the surface it seemed like a blogger's dream - Gossip girl themed with a meal, gifting lounge, and a chance to meet some fellow bloggers. Who could say no, right? However, when you throw in a massive guest list, tiny venue, extreme overcrowding, cold takeaway pizza after a caterer cancellation, and a hell of a lot of queueing and pushing, all for the fee of £28 on top of your travelling costs, that wonderful day out suddenly seems...not so great.

The overcrowding meant that it was extremely difficult to talk to both brands and bloggers, making networking impossible, and it seemed to take forever to visit a handful of stalls - at least 8 less than the 19 brands stated! Even after having visited the stalls, one was left with the question - now what? With swarms of people around me queueing and pushing and nowhere to go to simply chat with fellow bloggers, there was little to do but go home.

Having sold out of tickets very far in advance and having been organised by Bloggers Love, an event company which I had heard such good things about, this was an event which I had been looking forward to for weeks. As I returned home, I found myself feeling rather dejected. Was that it? Is that what a blogger event is like? Were my expectations too high or are blogger events simply not for me? However, a quick look at twitter proved that this was not the norm and I was relieved to find that I was not the only blogger who had left disappointed. I'm sure even those who did not attend the...interesting event  will have heard the 'gossip' on twitter (please excuse that awful pun).

BloggersLoveLFW Event

However, let's focus on the positives, shall we? It was wonderful to see so many bloggers in one place, even if the venue could by no means accommodate them, and those brands and bloggers I did briefly talk to were very interesting and friendly. I feel this event had the potential to be amazing, even though it was very poorly executed. One saving grace was the presence of the ever-so talented Willa Gebbie who drew some beautiful sketches of those that were willing to queue for half an hour (I was not in such a cramped setting, although I kinda wish I had). The gossip girl theme was also a wonderful idea, leading to some amazing, and easy to put together outfits worn by the attendees, although the theme did not really seem to extend to the event itself beyond the dress code.

In the end this event has at least served as a learning opportunity, and I have so many things to bare in mind for the future, perhaps most importantly:
  • Bloggers shouldn't pay for events. It should be a chance to make new connections, not to get free stuff and attend something over hyped.  I believe @hollycassel put it best - "Never pay for the privilege of attending a blogger event. You're paying for a fake status, an illusionary experience."
  • Get off your ass and get your damn business cards printed because people will be asking for them all night!
I'm determined not to be put off my this experience, having been reassured by other attendees that not all events are like this. For now though, I'm dieing for a small, relaxed meetup, without pressure and brands where one can have some real interaction. So if any London bloggers fancy a girly blogger's shopping trip, feel free to tweet me! @elesaurusrawr

xoxo (sorry, I couldn't resist)

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Sunday, 8 February 2015

The Lipstick Tag

This post has been on my 'to write' list for a while now, lipsticks having become one of my favourite makeup items! Rewind to a year ago and I was largely a lipstick virgin, convinced I would surely look like a clown if I attempted to rock a bold lip. Oh how, things have changed!

How many lipsticks do you own?
I own 18 lipsticks, including liquid lipsticks and lip lacquers. A rather small collection in comparison to most bloggers but I'd say it's pretty respectable for someone that has only been wearing them for the past year!

What was the first lipstick you owned?
I can't remember the exact shade or brand but I am ashamed to say that the first lipstick I ever bought was a very transparent and horrible-looking black shade. Yep. Black. I bought it for a Halloween costume and, as I'm sure you can imagine, never touched it again.

What is your favourite lipstick brand?
My favourite brand for lipstick changes almost every time I purchase a new one but, for the moment, is probably Bourjois because I am in love with Rouge Edition Velvet. I'm very much a fan of matte lip lacquers at the moment and I have found these to be the longest lasting and least drying thus far.

What is your most worn lipstick?
My most worn lipstick is definitely Valentine by Collection, being one of my oldest lipsticks. Also, who can go wrong with a classic red?

What is your favourite finish?
My favourite lipsticks, and those which I wear the most always have a matte finish. I know they're rather drying, especially for someone as prone to chapped lips as I, but I'm simply not keen on how glossy and satin lipsticks look on me.

What was the last lip product you bought?
In typical Eleanor fashion, the last lipstick I got was a burgundy one, in this case MUA lipstick in shade 3. I always have a fair few burgundy lipsticks and this one was kind of an impulse buy but at £1, who can say no?

How many lip products do you currently have in your handbag? (including balms and glosses)
None, actually! I'm proud to say I cleaned out my handbag today.

How do you store your lipsticks?
My lipsticks currently occupy a drawer in a WHSmith multi-drawer unit in which I keep all my makeup. However, my makeup collection is quickly outgrowing in so I may have to start looking for an alternative.

Which lipstick do you use to rock a red lip?
In the past it has always been my aforementioned Collection lipstick in Valentine but recently I've been reaching for Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Hot Pepper a lot more because I don't have to dig out a lip brush to apply it.

What lip products are you currently lusting after?
Oh, where do I start? I suppose I'm most lusting after MAC lipsticks because, bad blogger that I am, I've never actually used one! Any shade will do!

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Thursday, 29 January 2015

Natural Looking False Lashes For 24p!

False eyelashes - the ultimate night out staple,adding a dramatic edge to any look and taking it from day to night.  If you're a little daunted by false lashes, remember they don't have to be huge and dense. More natural lashes can provide a perfect alternative to mascara and are superior in that they don't wear away and end up under your eyes, transforming you into a panda! These super-affordable and natural looking lashes were provided to me for review by BornPrettyStore and are perfect for both the falsie-obsessed and those simply wanting to give them a try!

BornPrettyStore False Eyelashes Review

Arguably the most attractive aspect of these eyelashes is their incredible affordability. At only £2.41 for ten pairs, they cost a fraction of the price of a SINGLE pair of drugstore eyelashes and work out at only 24p per pair! Additionally, the delivery is completely free. However, as mentioned in previous reviews for BornPrettyStore, you will be faced with quite a wait for your order to arrive, ranging from 7 to 20 working days for most countries.

Despite their very low price, the quality of these lashes has not been sacrificed and they do not feel at all cheap or flimsy. Were it not for their affordability withdrawing the need for such justification, I would refer to these lashes as an investment as they are truly the only lashes one would need to buy for years! Each pair, of which there are ten, could easily be used multiple times, provided of course that they are cleaned between uses.

BornPrettyStore False Eyelashes Review

The overall appearance of these lashes is fairly subtle when compared to others on the market, with well spaced fibres and tapering in the inner corners as one would see in natural eyelashes. Although perhaps a little on the long side for some, I have found them to be the perfect length to create a natural yet doe-eyed look. Unfortunately, the thickness of the strip will act as a giveaway that these eyelashes are fake, making them a little impractical for daily wear but this can be disguised with liquid liner or a darker eye look. One should also bear in mind that a thicker strip can lead to the edges lifting and become un-stuck from the lashline, but I have not found this to be the case with these lashes thus-far.

If you put in an order for these falsies or anything else from the BornPrettyStore website, don't forget to use my 10% off coupon code! - WRH10

Do you wear false eyelashes? What are your favourites?

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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Hotshop Lipsticks

Some of my readers may remember that in November, I worked with BornPrettyStore to review the Me Now Generation 2 Matte Lipglosses. Since then, BornPrettyStore have been so kind as to send me some amazing products which I cannot wait to share with you over the next few weeks, beginning with these lipsticks!

The Hotshop Lipstick Review

As I'm sure many of you immediately noticed, the very pretty packaging of these lipsticks is an almost exact, and very cheeky rip-off of Topshop lipsticks, which are much loved in the blogging world! These 'Hotshop' lipsticks are half the cost of their Topshop counterparts (which are already very affordable!) at only £4.01. However, if you are hoping to find a dupe of a specific shade, you may not be in luck.The shade range of this lipstick is far more limited and, whilst the Topshop lipsticks have shade names, these copies are instead numbered. It is thus unclear which, if any, are exact dupes - whilst some shades may prove to be identical, the numbered system will make them difficult to identify as photographs alone can be deceptive.

Although I have yet to try a Topshop lipstick and thus can make no comparison to them, I am in love with the formula of these 'Hotshop' lipsticks and am dieing to buy more of the shades for myself. They apply like a dream and have a very smooth and long lasting formula with a satin finish, Despite having a very opaque and vivid colour, they also feel extremely lightweight - I have, at times, forgotten I was even wearing any! I have found these lip paints to be very moisturising and, unlike some lipsticks, do not become increasingly drying throughout the day.

The Hotshop Lipstick Review

The two shades which were provided to me for review are 08 and 12. Shade 08 is a perfect, classic pillarbox red and one which every woman should have in their collection. It is orange toned but this is far less pronounced that in the photograph, in which it looks deceptively orange. Shade 12, at risk of sounding like a blogger cliche, is 'your lips but better' and is the perfect pink-y nude shade. Another lipstick staple, it's the perfect everyday lip colour for a more natural makeup look.

If you put in an order for these lipsticks or anything else from the BornPrettyStore website, don't forget to use my 10% off coupon code! - WRH10

Have you tried Hotshop lipsticks? What are your favourite makeup dupes?

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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Modern Vintage Style Jewellery

These two gorgeous pieces of jewellery were sent to me by Lynn from Modern Vintage Style. If you, like me, have a weakness for pretty jewellery and all things vintage/retro, this is most definitely the shop for you! They offer both genuine vintage pieces and their own original vintage-style jewellery for those on a budget, such as this bracelet and pair of earrings.

Modern Vintage Style Jewellery Review

This pair of drop-down flower earrings retail at only £14 and, if green isn't your style, are available in a range of colours, such as blue and pink. They suit even those with teeny-tiny earlobes like me and are fairly lightweight, meaning they wont weigh down and stretch your ears from frequent wear. These intricate earrings are hand-made from an original design with antique bronze filigree beadcaps and green swarovski crystals - certainly not something you'll find in a high street store.

Modern Vintage Style Jewellery Review

This delicate-looking bracelet is priced at £24 and, once again, is available with different coloured stones and beads. However, I particularly love these grey-coloured beads which perfectly compliment the sterling silver links. Again, it is handmade and beautifully intricate but, be forewarned, is as delicate as it looks. The thin and intricate links have a tendency to bend if the wearer is not careful. Although they are easily bent back, this will of course weaken the metal if done on a regular basis. 

The necklace and earrings were delivered in good time, packaged carefully and handsomely, with both pieces placed in individual gift boxes with pink tissue paper, and tied with a white bow. They would make perfect gifts for a friend or loved one.

Do you like vintage and vintage-inspired jewellery? What's your favourite piece from Modern Vintage Style?

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Saturday, 3 January 2015


New Year's Resolutions 2015
In the past I have never been one for resolutions and, when I have made them, I haven't exactly stuck to them, something I know a lot of people are guilty of. Full of optimism and excitement for what I believed to be a 'new start', I would set myself goals which, let's face it, I was never destined to achieve. But this year, I hope that it will be different (famous last words). Some of my 'resolutions' may perhaps be overambitious but I hope that in putting them out there on the internet, this will pressure me and push me stick to them.

Perhaps that which I am most determined to do this year is develop my blog and ensure it's continual growth. Unsurprisingly, blogging has become a big part of my life and I could not be more excited to see where it will take me in the future. Although I do not imagine it will become anything more than a hobby, I want to make it into something I can be truly proud of, even more so than I already am. If I am to achieve nothing else, I would love to have reached 1000 followers by 2016!

Make better quality videos and upload them more frequently
This year I really want to up the anti on the YouTube front, spending more time on editing and thumbnails, acting more confident, and generally increasing their quality. Up to this point, my uploading has been rather erratic with no clear schedule. Although I'm not sure that I shall be able to post weekly due to the time which university work consumes, I do plan to upload more regularly rather than simply when I realise that "oops, it's been a while since I uploaded a video".

Go to more events and meet other bloggers
This year I really want to take blogging out of my bedroom and immerse myself in the blogging community! Blogging gives so many opportunities to meet some amazing people and have some incredible experiences. This year I want to take full advantage of that and now that I am in living in London, I'm in the right area for attending events! I have my tickets booked for the Bloggers Love LFW Dinner Party in February and, if any of my readers are aware of any upcoming events, I'd love to know about them!

Spend more time promoting my blog and YouTube
In order to encourage the continuinal growth of my blog and YouTube, it's going to be so important to promote them through twitter chats and commenting on other blogs etc. This is been my most neglected aspect of blogging but is something I am determined to change for the New Year!

Get organised - learn to balance and prioritise
If I am honest with myself, this is probably the most unrealistic of my resolutions. I have always been very disorganised and unable to balance school work, blogging, and leisure. However, at university this is certainly not something to shrug off - I really need to get myself sorted and stop making excuses. Whether I actually will is a completely different matter, but I'm remaining optimistic! 

Cut down on binge watching
This resolution links to the above point, my binge watching having largely been the cause of my reluctance to get work done. I will watch an entire television series in 2 days which is hardly healthy and does not promote productivity. Nothing can make me give up on my binge watching but cutting down is a must if I am to get myself organised!

and most importantly...MAKE 2015 EVEN MORE AMAZING THAN 2014 HAS BEEN!!

I hope all of my readers have a Happy New Year. Please leave a comment telling me what your resolutions for 2015 are. Do you have any from my own list?

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