Thursday, 11 December 2014

Winter Beauty Essentials | Blogmas Day 11

Winter Beauty Essentials

As the seasons change, so should your skincare routine to keep your skin clear and healthy. It's also the perfect time to switch up your every-day look and break out of a makeup rut. These are my top winter beauty recommendations and tips for taking care of your skin this season!

The cold, dry winter weather is a nightmare for the skin so a good, moisturising skincare routine is a must to keep your skin feeling soft and healthy. On top of this, as soon as the winter chill sets in, we all immediately turn on our heating which also causes our skin to dry out. As such, I'd recommend switching to a moisturiser targeted specifically at those with dry skin even if your skin type is not usually dry. I am currently using Pond's Crema S Nourishing Moisturising Cream for dry to very dry skin and couldn't recommend it more!

Winter Skincare

As well as our skin. perhaps the most badly affected by this season is our poor lips! I'm sure you all know just how painful dry cracked lips can be, and they aren't very aesthetically pleasing either. Rather than wait for them to become like this before treating it, prevent it in the first place by using lip balm on a daily basis. I have a vast collection of lip balms and make sure I always have one in my handbag. My favourite is probably Burt's Bees iconic chapstick which I unfortunately didn't have to-hand when taking the photographs for this post.

At the risk of boring you by rattling on too much about the importance of a moisturising winter skincare routine, I'd like to finally mention that it's not just your face that needs some extra care in the colder months. Many people forget it, but your hands can also become very dry and rough, making hand cream an absolute must. The Body Shop sell some amazing handcreams and the one I'm currently using is their vanilla-scented one which smells divine! Their best selling Hemp Hand Protector is also one which a lot of people rave about and is perfect for those that suffer from very dry skin on their hands.

Winter Beauty Essentials

In terms of makeup, if winter isn't the time to wear a bold lip, when is? I do love a good red lipstick and this one from Sleek in the shade 'Vixen' is perfect for winter. It's extremely pigmented and also very moisturising so you can prevent chapped lips and look good doing at the same time! It does, however, have quite a sheen to it and so would perhaps not be lipstick for you if you prefer a more matte lip. Darker lipsticks are also perfect for the season, and Collection has a gorgeous range of 'Gothic Glam' shades. Seduction looks particularly striking against those with a paler skin tones(see me wearing it in my recent OOTD) and the purple-toned Scorned is brilliant for a more daring, vampy look.

If you do sport a red lip this winter, team it with a matching red polish such as Barry M Paint in the shade 'Blood Orange'. It's extremely opaque formula only requires one or too coats and is high-shine, negating the need for a topcoat. Why not channel your inner Mrs Claus and layer a glitter nail polish over it for a more festive feel this December? The glitter polish pictured was unfortunately limited edition for Christmas last year but layering a red and green glitter polish would create a similar effect.

What are your winter beauty must-haves?

Today's advent calendar window is this pair of key earrings.

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  1. Those earrings are so cute!
    For the most part, I've actually gotten off really lucky with my hands this year - I've not had to use more hand cream than normal! *touches wood so I don't jinx it*
    Megan x

  2. The vanilla hand cream sounds lovely! x
    Emma | Emmys Blog

  3. shopping is literally quite a exciting thing and especially when the holiday comes.

    i would like to invite you to my blog]

  4. Aw the keys are so cute! I totally agree re hand cream - the hemp stuff is really good if your hands are dry - I used to use it all the time when I was a waitress and had to wash my hands all the time x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog


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