Monday, 29 December 2014

Signature Fragrances

Signature Fragrances Review
Both of these perfumes retail at £37 per bottle which is fairly standard pricing for perfumes. Both have a fairly strong scent, although not overbearingly so, and thus would perhaps be better for evening wear or special occassions as a lighter scent would be more appropriate for everyday use. However, if you were to wear them during the day, you will find that the smell will linger on the skin for the whole day, fading very little!

Signature Fragrances Perfume Review

One of their more popular fragrances, Lurre has a syrup-y sweet smell with prominent notes of vanilla and strawberry, making the wearer smell positivity edible! If you love strawberry shortcake (and want to smell like it too!), this is the perfume for you. It is a very feminine perfume which would be perfect for younger women. It may prove too sickly-sweet for some, but I can certainly see it appealing to fans of Lush Snow Fairy, which has a similarly syrupy smell. 

Endure is another fairly sweet perfume, although more subtly so, and would probably be more preferable for those that find Lurre to be too saccharine. Again, one can smell notes of vanilla but also a more powdery musk. The addition of classic jasmine and rose scents also make it a more floral perfume. Unlike Lurre, it is suitable for both younger and older wearers.

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Have you tried any Signature Fragrances? What's your favourite perfume?

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