Sunday, 14 December 2014

Christmas Pinspiration | Blogmas Day 14 Map
Yes, I know, corny title. However, I hope I can be forgiven as today's Blogmas topic is 'Christmas Inspiration', and where else does one go for inspiration but Pinterest?
Do we ever make those DIYs? Bake those cakes? No, but its fun to coo at pretty pictures and pretend that we could ever be arsed to recreate them. I adore the sort of pins you'll find around Christmas, showing the magical creations and winter wonderlands that people have made. Perfect for getting into the festive spirit!

The following are those pins that I have particularly liked recently. Maybe I'll recreate year.

Christmas Inspiration

 photo 0542261d-477e-4cad-b541-2d5ed6e36f77_zpsed3ac7bd.png


  1. Pinterest is just so full of magical inspiration. You should definitely make the snowmen they look so cute with their oreo hats! x

  2. I love that tree!! That is such a cute option rather than a conventional Christmas tree!! X

  3. Haha I always look on Pinterest for cute makes, set myself loads of tasks and then I'm like nahhhhhh hahaah xxx

  4. Hahaha yeah I never make the stuff I see on Pinterest but I just re-pin because it looks so pretty!! :)
    Drooling over those cookie bars...omg they look so good!

    Kat x

  5. I've found so many amazing christmassy ideas on Pinterest. I absolutely love it oh goodness im addicted! Keep up with blogmas! We are both more than half way through! :)

  6. That tree on the wall is so pretty. Its so simple and saves loads of space!


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