Saturday, 13 December 2014

Paper Snowflakes | Blogmas Day 12/13

After not posting yesterday, I feel a little like I've failed Blogmas. I was unfortunately too busy to publish anything but am back on track now and determined not to let this little slip cause me to give up on Blogmas!

Paper Snowflakes

I'm sure we all remember making paper snowflakes in primary school, but who says we can't make them as adults too? When folded properly, and when the time is taken to cut lots of little shapes out them, some very beautiful and intricate designs can be produced. And of course, as with real snowflakes, every one is different.

Paper snowflakes are very easy DIYs for those that like to make their own decorations or who, like me, have a lot of free time and not much money! That's right, students, you've got no excuse for not getting into the festive spirit and decorating!

These snowflakes look beautiful stuck onto a window, appearing very striking in the evening against the darkness outside, and more subtle in the day time with the light shining through. If you're feeling extra crafty, a sprinkling of glitter would add to this effect so that they take on an iridescent quality as the sunlight shines through them. However, the transparency of these snowflakes will also mean that whatever has been used to attach them to the window will look quite prominent during the daylight hours. As such, I'd recommended using white tack but, as this will still show through, place it on the snowflake strategically in order to add to the design rather than distract from it.

paper Christmas decorations

To incorporate the snowflakes into the decorations elsewhere in the room, I also suspended some from the chains I had made out of scraps of wrapping paper. I chose to use a variety of sizes of snowflakes and hung them at different heights to make the display look more interesting. I also spaced them out so that they were farther apart from each other than the ones I had stuck onto my window in order to prevent it from looking too cluttered. A little warning to those that plan to do the same - make sure they're above head height or you'll constantly find yourself being whacked in the face. Mine are just high enough that this isn't a problem for me but it does mean that my room is now a no-go zone for anyone over 5 ft 4, unless of course they spend the whole time hunched over.

how to fold a paper snowflake

To achieve a lacy, intricate snowflake rather than those odd, square-shaped, mutated messes of primary school days, it is important to fold it properly.

1. Begin with a plain piece of A4 paper.
2. Fold the paper diagonally to create a triangle.
3. Cut off and discard the excess.
4. Fold the piece of paper in half one again to create a smaller triangle.
5. Fold the outer third inwards.
6. Repeat oh the other side.
7. Diagonally cut off and discard the bottom part.
8. Cut out your design. Let your creativity run wild!

How have you decorated your house this Christmas?

Today's advent window is a pair of bow earrings. I'm going to have so many earrings by the 24th!

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  1. I'm obsessed with making these! Good to know I'm not the only one, and there's still tutorials being made ;)

    Every Day In Grace

  2. These snowflakes are so pretty! Definitely going to try this out. xx

    Colorful Closets

  3. Aw I used to LOVE making these! You have some lovely ones :)

    Style Sunrise ☀


  4. These are so beautiful! I wish I had the patience to take my time and make some of these they look absolutely lovely

    Sophie x |

  5. oh, how cute! love these designs

    from helen at £660+ beauty giveaway is here if you fancy entering it!

  6. These are AMAZING!
    I can't get over how good they look!


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