Thursday, 30 October 2014

ENDED | International Giveaway

 This giveaway is one which I've been I've been talking about for ages (since I hit 200 followers- oops!). Now seems the perfect time to finally publish it, having recently surpassed multiple amazing milestones - 100 GFC followers, 300 Bloglovin followers, and 350 twitter followers! This giveaway is a thankyou to all those lovely people and it is international so open to all of my followers.

Barry M A Touch Of Magic Lipstick 
 This 'magic' lipstick appears green on the bullet, applies clear, and then turns a certain shade of pink depending on the alkali level of your skin. This is arguably a bit gimicky but nonetheless it is one of my favourite lipsticks as it stains your lips, making it very long lasting and perfect for every-day wear.

Mini Yankee Candle - Holiday Magic
This is a candle I will be so sad to see go because it has made my room smell amazing! It is the perfect scent for the upcoming holiday season and I'll definitely be buying one for myself.

MUA Brow Kit in Light/Medium
This little brow kit is so handy to keep in your handbag, complete with a little pair of tweezers and angled brow brush.

No7 Individual Eyeshadow in Khaki
A lovely pigmented little eyeshadow in a great shade for Autumn/Winter.

Playboy Eyeshadow Duo

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Monday, 27 October 2014


Woman's Skeleton Costume Halloween

It's nearly Halloween and as you can see I'll be dressing up as a skeleton this year! I thought I'd share my costume for you guys and give you a little Halloween inspiration. 

I'm absolutely love this bodysuit which was so affordable although it's annoyingly a little big for me. This wouldn't be a problem if only it wasn't low cut at the back as this means the sleeves tend to slip down a little at the shoulders. I've tried to shrink it slightly by washing it at a higher hear than recommended but to no avail. I am usually a size ten although occasionally a size eight and ordered this bodysuit in S/M which is supposedly UK size 8/10. Therefore I'd definitely advise getting the size down if you're thinking of buying this it too.

For the makeup, I wanted to do something which was not anatomically correct but not a completely cutesy sugar skull either (although I do love those types of makeup looks too). After a lot of pondering, I found this gorgeous photo on Pinterest which inspired my Halloween makeup. Although this photo was clearly photoshopped, it was still very easy to recreate. I'm debating uploading a tutorial for this look if this is something you'd like to see although it's arguably a little late for a Halloween makeup tutorial.
What I'm Wearing

Would you like to see a tutorial for this makeup look? What are you wearing for Halloween?

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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

New Makeup Storage

Makeup Storage
This has been a post which has been on my mental 'to write' list since I started university (oops). Although I only recently made my makeup drawer dividers, my makeup collection barely fit into them. They were also made to fit in my makeup drawer at home and not the drawers in my halls of residence so a new storage solution needed to be found! This proved a more difficult task than I anticipated with all decent-sized organisers I found being either incredibly ugly and tacky or else very expensive - £40 for a plastic box? Really?

However, I luckily came across this beautiful little multi drawer unit whilst browsing stationary in WHSmith on an unrelated shopping trip and couldn't possibly leave the store without it. At only £11.89, it is far cheaper than its acrylic counterparts and, as I'm sure you'll agree, much prettier too with its gorgeous butterfly and floral design. Although obviously intended for stationary, this unit is perfect for storing makeup, featuring 6 different drawers of various sizes. It has more than enough room for all my makeup yet takes up very little space due to the drawers being spread over 3 different levels, and it fits perfectly in the corner of my desk. 

Cheap Makeup Storage

How do you store your makeup collection?

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Sunday, 12 October 2014

Review: Belissimo Glitter Lips

This was a lip glitter was provided for review by Belissimo Lips and was a product which I have found extremely hard to review, having no previous experience of lip glitter - I hadn't even heard of it let along used it! Terrible beauty blogger, right? I must admit I even thought it was a nail polish when it first arrived - the lip glue really threw me off!

Belissimo Glitter Review

Belissimo Lip Glitter can be bought from Belissimo Boutique's online shop and will also soon be available at Topshop. It will set you back £13 which is pretty reasonable, especially as this is inclusive of (first class!) delivery.  Belissimo claims that this glitter has 12 hour wear, regardless of whether you eat or drink as long as you avoid hot drinks and greasy foods which I assume will break down the glue. 

To apply, simply paint a thin layer of the glue onto your lips and use one of the provided cotton buds to dab the glitter onto the adhesive. Beware - this is an extremely messy process so it may perhaps be wise to get changed after doing your makeup; after applying this lip glitter for testing purposes my jeans were completely covered in glitter! I'm also not a fan of the adhesive which seems very much like PVA glue and smells rather chemical-y - definitely not something I wanted to be putting on my lips! I also found that it glued my lips together and literally peeled off my lips! My flatmate (and ex-dancer) told me that, when using lip glitter for performances, she would apply it over lipgloss which certainly seems like a better alternative to glue.

Another aspect of this product which I feel lets it down is the packaging which looks very cheap and plastic-y. Simply by looking at the packaging, it's something I'd expect to be sold in Poundland, definitely not TopShop!

Belissimo Glitter Lips
As can be seen from the above photo, the look of the product when applied is very bold and striking, certainly not something one would wear on a daily basis. Honestly, I myself am not a fan as I believe it just looks odd and I'm not sure this glitter would find it's way into the average person's makeup collection. However, it could be used to create more theatrical makeup looks, making it the perfect product for stage actors and dancers etc. The approach of Halloween also provides a great opportunity to experiment with such a bold product and I can see it being incorporated into the makeup for a variety of costumes. Additionally, whose to say it can only be used on the lips? If it's gentle enough to be used on the lips, it would certainly be fine to apply elsewhere on the face (although obviously not in the eye area) and could also be used to create some fabulous nail art looks (which is what I'll likely be using it for in the future)!

Belissimo lip glitter is available in 30 shades so head on over to their website to find the perfect shade for you!

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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Breaking Out The Burgundys

When I first started this blog it was with the intention that it would cover fashion, beauty, and life but in practice this hasn't happened. Instead, with the exception of one lone prom OOTD, it has evolved into a blog primarily centred around beauty, largely due to my camera shyness and worry about asking for help with the photography. However, whilst beauty and makeup is something I love and enjoy writing about, I feel that this is an awful shame and is something I want to change in order to make my blog more diverse. No-one want's to read review after review of makeup products, do they? After visiting my boyfriend in Portsmouth and taking photos on the beach, it seemed the perfect opportunity to write my first every-day outfit post. 

Autumn has now come to England, bringing with it all my favourite things - warm coats, boots, darker lipsticks and burgundy! Although who am I kidding; I don't let the season stop me from wearing burgundy! This is one of my favourite outfits, incorporating so much of what I love about Autumn fashion...although in hindsight a cardigan may have been a wise choice considering the cold temperature and coastal winds.

What I'm WearingShirt - Select
Skirt - New Look
Boots - New Look
Necklace -Ebay
Tights - Primark (Very necessary in the Autumn cold)
My Camera - Nikon Coolpix P520
Lipstick - Collection Gothic Glam in Seduction
Nail Polish - Barry M Matte in Crush - I'm not technically wearing this polish in the photographs but intended to had I the time. It would have gone perfectly with this outfit so for the purposes of this post, lets pretend I'm wearing it.

Would you like to see more outfit and fashion  posts in the future?

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Friday, 3 October 2014

Current Favourites

This post was something I had originally intended to be a video rather than a written blog post but a multitude of factors including my inability to find a spot in my new room with a decent background and good lighting has prevented that from being the case. I will admit that part of the cause was my wimpyness at the prospect of my new flatmates hearing me film through the paper thin walls but let's just pretend that I'm not a total coward.

This post is a combination of my August and September favourites, not having loved enough items during the month of September to justify a whole post or video. Lets face it, I'm a full time and thus jobless student; I really can't afford to be constantly buying new things. If only I could!

This is a product which was making rounds on beauty blogs a couple weeks ago and I'm pretty sure you'll all be very sick of reading about it at this point. Bad blogger that I am, I was pretty late in getting round to buying this although I had been lusting after it for while before hand. Although it's been said so many times before, this lip product truly is amazing. I am a sucker for a matte lip and this is now not only favourite lip product for August/September but my favourite lip product full stop. It applies flawlessly, has an incredibly opaque formula and lasts very well on the lips (although the 24-hour claim is a bit of a stretch). The only downside for me is the pricetag. Although it is obviously a high street product and so not majorly expensive, £8.99 is on the higher end for a high street lipstick and means I cannot buy every single one as I am dieing to do! I've got my eye out for a budget friendly dupe so do comment if you know of one I should try out.

I was sent this lip balm by the lovely Arianne who's blog I recently designed have been using it daily. For someone that gets rather dry lips (partly due to my love of lipstick), this has been wonderful! The shape is bit random but looks very cute and although I'm not quite sure the flavour of this one, it smells amazing! I BELIEVE it may be Strawberry Sorbet but don't take my word for it.

This exfoliator was sent to me by Thea Skincare as a review sample and is probably my favourite of the products that have been provided to me for review. At this point it is just an empty pot and I am dieing to purchase the full size product, although I will likely wait until Christmas to do so. This exfoliator isn't too harsh to use on sensitive skin but unlike most facial exfoliators designed for more sensitive skin, it is not so mild that it doesn't feel like it's doing anything at all. In fact quite to the contrary, my skin felt so much softer and smoother after only the first use!

This product was one which came free with a Marie Claire magazine and once again, has been completely used up. Can you tell I haven't written a favourites post in a while? I love this cleansing balm for removing my makeup as you can use your hands rather than faffing around with cotton pads and it actually breaks down mascara, something I always have trouble removing. I always have a little giggle at how ridiculous I look before I've rinsed off the balm with my makeup smudged around my eyes like a panda. A full review of this product can be read here.

Prior to buying this bronzer, I had never actually used a bronzer before, having been convinced that it would simply look muddy on a pale girl such as I. However, after reading various reviews which said that Benefit Hoola Bronzer was perfect for paler girls, I made it my mission to find a dupe, finding one in Bourjois Delice De Poudre. At £7.99 it's a hell of a lot cheaper than Hoola and smells like chocolate! I have now incorporated it into my daily makeup routine, using it to contour my cheekbones.

This book isn't in the photograph due to the fact that it's on my kindle which I didn't have to hand at the time but let's just pretend it is! This novel is the first by Klaire de Lys, a makeup artist and YouTuber. It almost seems to be the trend for YouTubers to write books at the moment, with so many seeming to do so, but this was one which I knew I had to buy. Anyone that watches Klaire's makeup tutorials will have seen what an amazing imagination and creativity she has and as such I could not imagine that her novel would disappoint. As I'm sure you've worked out, it certainly did not and it's a book I definitely recommend. I'm already very impatient for the second book in the series!

What products have you been loving recently?

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