Monday, 29 September 2014

Review: In The Buff Mineral Foundation

As someone that has always opted for liquid foundation, I do not have any prior experience with mineral foundations, always imagining that they would be drying, have poor coverage, and be extremely messy. However, after having been sent this foundation for review by 'In The Buff Makeup', these misconceptions have certainly been challenged! 

In The Buff is a fairly new brand made up of a small team and has a gradually increasing range of 100% mineral products. They use all natural, vegan ingredients and are against animal testing, meaning their products are completely cruelty free. This brand would also be good for those with more sensitive skin or skin conditions such as eczema as it is hypo-allergenic and contains no chemicals or perfumes.

In terms of coverage, this foundation is perfect for a lighter, everyday look and very little is needed, although it is also fairly build-able if you would like a slightly heavier look. It disguises dark undereye circles well and evens out the skin tone. However, I must stress this is a lighter coverage foundation and I could see my freckles peeking through so I would not recommend it for those that are acne prone. 

The finish of the foundation was perhaps that which I found most impressive as it did not feel heavy or cake on the skin and did not settle in fine lines. It had a very soft appearance, and actually looked like skin rather than a layer of makeup. The lasting power was also very good, staying put all day with little signs of wear. 

My only criticism of this foundation is the shade range which, for now at least, is rather small. I was sent the shade 'buttercream' which is the lightest shade and designed for those with paler skin tones. However, I found this shade to be a little too dark for me, and left me looking orange. Therefore if you, like me, struggle to find high street foundations that are pale enough for your skin tone, this foundation is probably not the one for you.  

In The Buff mineral foundation is priced a £22.50 which, whilst more than I would usually pay due to being on a student budget, is certainly a reasonable price for a foundation with such a good finish and it would also be the only product needed on the face. Additionally, little product is needed and so this means it would last a very long time, making it extremely good value for money.

In The Buff is a perfect every-day foundation for those who prefer a more natural, barely-there look. It is also perfect for those on-the-go as it can be applied very quickly and removes the need for additional concealer and setting powder. Check out the In The Buff website to take a look at their foundations and browse their other products.

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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Dramatic Blue Eye Makeup

After a week off from blogging, I'm back! Those that follow me on twitter will know that I have been taking a mini-break in order to settle into university and enjoy freshers week (which of course meant lots of experimenting with makeup and lots of potential blog posts!) Today I'm kicking off my return with a makeup look - a rather dramatic blue smokey eye look which I wore with a simple blue skater dress.

I began by drawing a line in the crease and outer corner of my eye with a black kohl pencil liner and blended it out with black eyeshadow to create a smokey effect, extending this far beyond the outer corners of my eyes so that the shadow lined up with my brows. I also smudged a small amount of the black eyeshadow underneath my lower lash line. I then blended some brown eyeshadow above the black eyeshadow in order for the colour to better fade into the skin, preventing harsh lines and further enhancing the smokey effect. I then packed Ink from the Sleek Matte V2 palette (a deep royal blue) over the entirety of my eyelid, and layered Unleash from the MUA Smokin Palette on top (a more pearlescent, shimmery eyeshadow). 

I lined my upper and lower waterline with a black kohl liner and created a point in the inner corner of my eye which seemed necessary to finish the look, having extended the eyeshadow out so much on the outer corner. I used a makeup wipe to create a clean line where the eyeshadow finished underneath my eye, but this can be done with concealer if you prefer to apply foundation before eye makeup. I also rather hurriedly (and thus badly) applied false lashes but this look would look good with or without them.

As the eye makeup is rather heavy and bold, I balanced this out with a nude lip, simply opting for a clinique chubby stick in the shade 04 'Mega Melon'. For my face I used L'Oreal True Match Foundation in the shade Ivory and also lightly contoured my cheekbones with Bourjouis Chocolate Bronzer in the shade 51.

Products Used
Barry M Black Kohl Liner
Sleek Matte V2 Palette
MUA Smokin Palette
Maybelline Falsies Mascara
Clinique Chubby Stick (Shade: 04 Mega Melon)
L'Oreal True Match Foundation (Shade: Ivory)
L'Oreal True Mach Powder (Shade: Ivory)
Bourjouis Chocolate Bronzer (Shade: 52)

Do you like to wear dramatic eye looks?

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Sunday, 14 September 2014

Top Ten Tag

I was tagged to write this post by Millie from Corkscrew Curls  and The Graduate Goddess and I am very excited as, besides the Liebster award, this is the first tag post I have written/filmed which I was actually tagged in! This is actually a rather tricky post for me to write as I'm very disloyal to makeup products and will be constantly changing my mind about which ones I love. However, keep reading to learn about my (current!) top ten favourite makeup products!

1. Foundation
Honestly, I don't yet believe I have found my holy grail foundation as of yet due to my very pale and sometimes dry skin making it extremely hard to find one which works for me. My favourite so far, and the one I use on a daily basis is L'Oreal True Match in the shade Ivory. It provides a good coverage and is one of the palest I have been able to find on the high street. However I have found that, the longer you own it, the darker this foundation gets which is rather annoying.

2. Powder
To pair with my foundation, I use L'Oreal True Match in the same shade.

3. Concealer
Although I love Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer (which seems to be 99% of bloggers'  favourite high-street concealer), Rimmel London Match Perfection takes the edge due to the packaging which allows you to get every little bit of concealer out and really get your money's worth. No scraping around the tube necessary!

4. Blush
Sleek blush in the shade Pixie Pink is my go-to blush and is admittedly pretty much the only one I use! Sleek is a brand I absolutely adore and I find this shade to be perfect for pale skin, providing of course that you aren't too heavy handed. Sleek also have a brilliant shade range for their blushes so there'll certainly be one there that's perfect for you!

5. Bronzer
Bronzer is something I've really only recently started to use, always believing that, having such a pale skin tone, it would just make my face look muddy. After hearing that Benefit Hoola was perfect for pale skin tones, I made it my mission to find a dupe, finding one in Bourjouis Chocolate Shade 51. It doesn't apply patchy, isn't too orange-toned and is perfect for pale skin yet buildable for those with other skin tones. Not only that but it smells like chocolate! Nom!

6. Highlighter
I've got to admit something here - I've never used highlighter. Anyone have any recommendations for something subtle and good for pale skin?

7. Mascara
Mascara is the product I am the most disloyal to, rarely buying the same mascara twice. However, I am currently enjoying Maybelline the Falsies Volum' Express. The formula is amazing and it makes my eyelashes look huge! My only issue that would perhaps prevent me from repurchasing it is the brush which doesn't do as good a job at separating my lashes as I'd like.

8. Eyeshadow
Eyeshadow is something I love to experiment with so there isn't one shade which I adore more than the rest. However, one shade I really adore is 'Chaos' from the MUA Smokin Palette, which is admittedly the reason I initially bought the palette.

9. Brows
My brow routine is really very simple and I only use one very cheap product - Natural Collection Eyeshadow in the shade 'Crushed Walnut'. I like to use a cheap eyeshadow to fill in my brows rather than a pencil or more pigmented eyeshadow in order to keep them soft and natural, avoiding brows that appear to have been drawn on with a Sharpie.

10. Lip Product
This was probably the most difficult product to pick, being on the fence between two different lipsticks. In the end, I chose Collection Lipstick in the shade 'Valentine' which is probably my most worn lipstick. I love the look of a bright red lip against a pale skin tone and this is my favourite of my red lipsticks, being very opaque and long lasting.

I tag:
Jemma from A Drugstore Addiction
Arianne from Ayre

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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Transeasonal Makeup - Collab With A Fashion Oddity

Todays post is a first for me - a collaborative post, which in this case is with Charlotte, who blogs over at A Fashion Oddity. With Autumn rapidly approaching, we have both created makeup looks which are perfect for that transition period between Summer and Autumn. Keep reading to learn how I achieved the eye makeup pictured below and don't forget to head over to Charlotte's blog to see her gorgeous transeasonal makeup look!

Apologies for the moody looking faces in these would seem I'm awkward with selfies.

Autumn is associated with darker makeup and vampy lips, whilst most prefer to stick to lighter colours and more subtle makeup during Summer. This made it quite a challenge to create a makeup look that would be perfect for both seasons. I opted to use darker colours but, rather than soley using browns and blacks which would be far too harsh for Summer, found a mid-ground with red-ish, burgundy shades which would inject some colour into the look. This look is also in part inspired by a photo of a beautiful Summer sunset I took in July. 

Of course working with red eyeshadows carries the risk of making one's eyes appear tired and sore, but I have avoided this by creating a gradient with the red concentrated on the outer half of eye, and by making the winged liner the main feature of the makeup.

Products Used
Sleek Ultra Matte V2 Palette
MUA Smoked Palette
Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner
Maybelline Volume Express Falsies Mascara

I used the shades 'Glory' and 'Icon' from the MUA Smoked Palette, and 'Flesh', 'Maple' and 'Paper Bag' from the Sleek Ultra Matte V2 Palette, applying darker shades on the outer part of the eyelid and lighter shades on the inner part of the eyelid. I also smudged a small amount of the darkest shade under my lower lashline and in the crease. I then used a fluffy blending brush to blend all of the colours together, eliminating any harsh lines and creating a gradient effect. I applied black eyeliner on my water line, using the eyeliner pencil which came with the MUA Palette, and used Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner to create a winged line on my upper eyelid. I finished the look with mascara - Maybelline Volume Express Falsies.

How do you do your makeup during the Summer-Autumn transition period? Will you be recreating this look?

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Sunday, 7 September 2014

Review: Jewellery Ever After

I was recently given the opportunity to pick an item of my choice from the lovely Etsy store owned by Bel Smith, Jewellery Ever After. Bel sells jewellery inspired by fairy tales and films, making it a dream store for those from the Disney, Harry Potter, and Hunger Games fandoms. As you can see, I chose a Cinderella themed carriage necklace which I completely fell in love with, and it arrived promptly, packaged in the cute little starry organza bag pictured below.

This necklace, along with all other products from the store are handmade which means you wont be wearing something anyone could pick up from the high street, making them so much more special. The detail on the necklace I received is very intricate yet it is extremely affordable at only £5. Believe it or not, this is actually the most expensive piece on the website with all jewellery ranging from £3-£5. 

The pendant was a lot larger than I assumed it would be, expecting a small little delicate pendant, but it still isn't too chunky for a lover of more dainty jewellery such as myself. The chain is a lot longer than I would prefer however, but it is of course adjustable so it can be shortened to the length you desire.

This store is certainly one I will revisit for Christmas gifts, and there are a few items I have an eye on for myself such as the Alice in Wonderland themed 'Drink Me' bottle necklace. Bel has also just released a gorgeous new range to tempt us all with even more!

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Thursday, 4 September 2014

I'm Off To Uni!

For those that are following me on Twitter, my going to university won't be news, and this is a post which I've really been slow to write, having received my A Level results almost a month ago. However, it really feels like the past month has flown by! Although I did not get the results I would have hoped for and know I certainly could have done better, I have been accepted into university and will be studying Primary Education, moving into halls on the 13th of this month. Scary.

If you are subscribed to my YouTube channel, you may also have noticed that it has been around a month since I uploaded a video. This is due to having to deal with self-inflicted stress in the form of very last minute (and I must admit some overdue) forms in preparation for university. This was also in part why it took me a while to write this post, and it has really been a wakeup call for me - if stress from the run-up to uni has already compromised my YouTube channel, how will both that and this blog fare when I am studying? I am determined to continue with both my videos and blogging although perhaps a little less frequently; particularly my YouTube channel which is unlikely to be updated once a week as I originally intended. Life is of course the priority.

However, on a lighter note I will be back to posting videos as of next Tuesday, starting with a pre-university haul, and my move to London will hopefully mean I have more opportunities to attend blogger events and immerse myself in the blogging community (although it's certainly not central London). I also hope to share my experiences of my time there on this blog, and for the next few weeks especially, you can expect a number of university-related posts interspersed with my regular content. I have some posts in mind, for example a room tour when I move in and makeup/outfit posts during freshers week but would love to know - what posts and videos would you like to see?

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Monday, 1 September 2014

Guest Post by Tina - Back to School Nail Art

Todays post was written by the lovely Tina from Uber Crazy Girl's World. Tina is quite new to the blogging world but has amazing, well written content which you should definitely all check out! I have also written a guest post on her blog which is a mosiac nail art design.

Hello, guys!

Everybody wants to look good for school and college without going over-the-top. I used to love doing nail art and showing my friends at school, and looking down at my nails made the school day a little more bearable! So here is a quick, simple, and very easy nail art design that wont be to over-the-top to impress your friends.

To start this simple line and spots design, you'll need to get all of your equipment. The colours below are those I have used. All colours can be changed to suit your design.

> Nails Inc (Light Blue)
> Dotting Tool (Alternatives: a bobby pin, a sewing pin stuck in the end of a pencil)

1) Before you start the design, you need to remove any old varnish and make sure there is no nail polish remover residue left on the nail. Take the Nails Inc Caviar base coat and apply that to each nail.

2) Once your base coat is dry, take the Nails Inc Floral Street polish and apply two coats of this to each nail you want the design on, letting each coat dry in between applications.

3) Once your base colour is dry, you need to add the silver stripes. Using the brush part of the Rio Nail Art polish, slowly stripe three vertical lines next to each other on the nail, shortening them as you go along.

4) Once the stripes are dry, blob a little of the Baker Street polish onto a piece of paper, take your dotting tool and dip it into the polish. Place three dots, one on each vertical line, each in a different position. Do the same for the light blue polish.

5) Once the spots are dry, use the pen end of the Rio Nail Art polish to add three small silver spots, one on each silver line, where you would like to add the gems. Use the same tool to pick up the gems, put them on the spots you made, and then gently press them down.

6) Once everything is fully dry, add two coats of the Nails Inc Caviar top coat to the nail to seal the design.

Any colour combinations can be used to suit any occasion or outfit. This design is easy and simple enough to appl to each nail if you wanted to. It can also be be applied to just your ring finger, or your ring finger, middle finger, and thumb. Anything is possible with nail art! Go crazy and do each nail a different colour scheme of spots!

I hope you like this guest post and be sure to check out Eleanor's guest post over on my blog - Uber Crazy Girl's World

Tina xoxo