Friday, 29 August 2014

You know you're a blogger when...

Blogging is something I enjoy immensely, having given me a means of expressing myself and sharing my thoughts. Although I've only been blogging a few months, I've noticed it already impacting how I think and act in small ways. This is just a light-hearted little spur-of-the-moment post inspired by that which I hope will make you laugh.

... your hands and arms are always covered in makeup from swatching.

... you have or plan to invest in a fancy camera just for taking product photos.

... you always have a massive list of products you wish you could buy.

... you're always broke because you've been persuaded to buy things by product reviews.

... you always know about new product releases.

... your first instinct is to photograph anything new before even using it.

... it pains you to photograph a used product.

... you get excited every time you gain a follower

... your friends think you're a little obsessed.

... you're ready for everything twenty minutes early so you can take photos of your makeup and outfit.

... you consider other bloggers as friends despite never having met them in real life.

... you've experienced the panic of bloggers block.

... taking and posing for pictures in public isn't at all embarrassing to you.

... you justify purchases as being 'for the blog!'

... you worry your makeup collection isn't as big as other bloggers.

... your friends think you have way too much makeup..

... everything is a photo/post opportunity.

... 99% of the time when someone asks you what you're doing, the answer is 'blogging'.

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  1. Love this post, made me giggle but it is so true! x

    Jordan | Keep Dreaming ♥

  2. Haha I loved reading through these, so many are SO true! No.3 is definitely me :P

    Style Sunrise☀


  3. Lol. Nice one Ella. I can identify with some of those....!

  4. Blogging is seriously like a full time job, but I love it. However, taking photos in public is still slightly nerve-wracking for me. :] // ☼ ☯

  5. Haha I love this! Everything is so true, I like the one about regarding bloggers as friends even if you've never met them - it's so true, some of my closest friends I have met through blogging, it's such a great community to be a part of :) Lovely post! <3

  6. HAHA this is amazing I can so relate, I am always like yeah my friend so and so, and people are like who?! And I'm like off the internet SILLY! xxx
    Blonde of carbs

  7. "... your first instinct is to photograph anything new before even using it.
    ... you consider other bloggers as friends despite never having met them in real life."

    those two are definitely me :)

    Arianne |

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  9. haha loved this and so true ;)


  10. SO true! It's so painful getting hings delivered to the office and not being able to open them because I need to photograph them!

    Clare from Tweet xx

  11. I found myself giggling at all those things. I AGREE! Great post love!

    Crissy @ My Cup Of Tea

  12. Haha love this! Especially "you're ready for everything twenty minutes early so you can take photos of your makeup and outfit", that's definitely me x

  13. I couldn't agree more with you!!! Love the list, haha so true!!! Everything for the sake of blogging!

    Diana P. | Cups & Roses

  14. So accurate! Especially the mental encyclopedia or product release dates and constant photographs!

  15. I laughed whilst reading this as so many of them are so relateable. Sometimes I have to but I don't like to photograph used products. I'm also always ready early ready for photo opportunities. Lovely post x

  16. Aw I've just started blogging a few weeks ago and I can't wait til I can say this is me!

  17. This is too funny! Literally everything is "for the blog!" It's kind of such a nice problem to have. :) Xo, Alison

  18. Absolutely identifying with much of this! So funny!

    Warm Regards,

  19. Yep, this is 110% me! haha great post x

  20. Haha! Those are so true! The more I blog, the more obsessed I get, but I don't really mind at this point since it's what I want to do for a living one day! I really love your blog - just about to hop over to Bloglovin' to follow! <3

    Owl Girl | A London lifestyle blog

  21. ... I use my iPhone 5s for taking all my photos, even those for the blog! The VSCO app is amazing. It's like Photoshop for kids (aka me).
    ... Having a new follower is awesome, receiving comments on posts is a close second! :)
    ... I'm not a fashion/beauty blogger but I get pressured every time I don't have anything new to blog about!


  22. omg! this is so true and so me! It made me giggle while reading it <3

    Visit my blog:

  23. hahaha so trueeee
    especially the fact that I need a new camera arrrrgh so expensive.

    Valentina Duracinsky Blog

  24. I love this post! Especially identify with having to photograph everything before using it. I've even gone as far as asking my sister if I can photograph her stuff just in case she raves about it and I think a review is needed :P

    Helen x // Beautiful Curiosities

  25. Brilliant - couldn't help but smile at the 'being ready 20 mins early', me all over!

    Meena | Meena Means Me

  26. Totally agree with the photographing, total pain when an item will looked ruined if I use it before hand!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  27. Haha! We can relate to most of these! Every time we get 1 new follower we definitely do a little dance or scream, and lusting after products is a daily struggle for us!!

    M + K

  28. Great post! I can relate to so many of these!
    I get excited when I get a new follower or even just a comment! And I am always broke but use the excuse 'i need it for my blog'

    Thanks for sending over your link, lovely blog!


  29. I'm a pretty chilled out blogger, so a lot of these don't apply but I can definitely relate to a few!

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  30. I can relate to nearly all of these! Such a funny post to read!



  31. Aw this is so cute! I could relate to a few of these :)

    Gabby xo

    Blog - What She Buys / Instagram / Twitter

  32. Haha loved this it's so true! The feeling of, no I can't use it yet it's needs to be photographed! xx


  33. Love this post, completely agree, especially with having to take photos as soon as you get new products! Danielle xx

  34. Oh so true! Love this post. I related with every point! I bought more products today and the first thing I did when I got home was photograph them!

  35. Love this post, hope you get excited over me as your new follower !

  36. I can relate to quite a few of these :L
    Hannah | The Crafty Fox

  37. Haha I absolutely love this post as I can relate to so many of these things! Especially being covered in makeup for swatches.

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