Friday, 25 July 2014

P.S. I Love...

...Primark Makeup!

For a little while now, Primark has stocked makeup under the name 'P.S. I Love...' which I had not tried until now due to the lack of testers and due to my being sceptical of the quality of Primark makeup. However, after the success of my first eBay jewellery order, I thought this makeup was worth a try too! My local Primark doesn't stock the full range and I have seen makeup products on other peoples blogs that I could not find in store but there was a pretty decent selection for me to choose from and I'm generally pleased with what I was able to pick up. These products are extremely affordable, with the prices ranging from £1 to £2.50.

Lipstick - £1
The colour of this lipstick is very deceptive under both the store lighting and in these photos, appearing to be a bright red  when it is in fact a fairly bright pink-y colour. Luckily, I do love this shade and it goes very well with my skin tone but don't buy it expecting it to be red! I love the formula of this lipstick which is very opaque, smooth, and unlike a lot of lipsticks, is not drying. I've also found that, despite making a mess over my food and glasses when I ate or drank, there were no signs of wear on my lips themselves and it lasted very well for most of the day. At the base of the lipstick container is a little pot containing lipgloss of the same shade if you want more of a glossy finish. I initially thought this little pot contained lipstick rather than gloss for applying with a lip brush, as with MUA lipsticks but this was not the case. I doubt I'll get much use of the gloss as I prefer more of a matte look but it's a handy little addition.

Volumising Mascara - £1
I am absolutely in love with the brush of this mascara - it does not pick up too much product and separates my lashes extremely well with no clumps! The mascara itself didn't do anything particularly amazing to my lashes but would make a perfect everyday mascara. One thing I am very impressed by is the lasting power which is something I am usually disappointed by. I'm not sure why but most mascaras that people swear by, even waterproof ones, seem to end up smudged underneath my eyes after a few hours. As such, finding one that stays put is always amazing for me, and this is one such mascara. For this reason I can definitely see this mascara working its way into my everyday makeup routine.

Moisturising Lip Gloss Crayon - £1.50
The colour of these crayons is extremely sheer, even in this red crayon, so I really can't imagine that the lighter pink-y colours would show up very much at all. However, one wouldn't really be looking for anything opaque in a lip crayon and it's perfect for a subtle, everyday lip. Primark claims this product to be moisturising and I've certainly found this to be very much the case. However, I would not describe this as a 'gloss' crayon but more as a balm.

Nail Polish - £1
This polish comes in a fair few shades from what I have seen but was unfortunately only available in a pink and duck egg shade in my local Primark. As you can see, I unsurprisingly opted for the duck egg shade (I have far too much of a weakness for these kinds of colours). This was the only product I bought which I found to be a disappointment. Although the colour is beautiful, it is incredibly sheer and, even after three layers, was not completely opaque. I also found the brush to be far too big and difficult to use, making it impossible not to make a mess all around my nails which I then had to clean up. Overall, I really struggled to apply this polish and would not repurchase it.

Manicure Set - £2.50
Technically this manicure set is part of the 'Embellish' range rather than the 'P.S. I Love...' range but it's still from Primark so I'm sticking it in this post anyway. I found this polish to be so much better than the P.S. I Love... one, with a smaller, more usable brush, and a more opaque formula. I thought the beads went perfectly with the nail polish and made a great feature nail. The set also came with a funnel, making it much easier to pour leftover pearls back into the pot which I'm pretty pleased about as it's something I struggle to do with my Ciate nail pearls. One criticism I do have is that the nail polish seems to dissolve the colour on the pearls ever so slightly (so be careful when putting on the topcoat) but generally I cannot wait to show off my nails with this set!

Have you tried anything from the Primark P.S. I Love... range? What did you think?

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  1. Beautiful products and colours. My favorite is the blue nail varnish and the moisturising lip gloss crayon. :-)

    XO, Melissa - My Digital Diaries

  2. Great reviews. This makes me want to live in the UK so I can check out Primark. All the UK bloggers apparently love getting makeup steals there. I'll just have to make due in the States.

    Theatricality by Mariah

  3. What absolute bargains, i've heard such good things about the primark makeup range! xx

    Beauty Soup || UK Beauty Blog

  4. Your blog name is so cute! And wow I love your eye colour! It's gorgeous :)

    Every Day In Grace

  5. your eyelashes are gorgeous! Love long eyelashes!

  6. Wow everything is so impressive, you'd never have known it was from Primarks makeup line, would you? Love the look of the lipstick and mascara xx

  7. I love the color of that lipstick. Seriously, their products are affordable. Great beauty haul. Thank you for the follow back.

  8. I reeeeeally like the baby blue colour, I've been looking for a color like this for AGES, such a shame that it's so hard to apply. :)

    Berry The Blue

  9. I would have never thought of buying makeup from primark... but this seems pretty surprisingly nice! I may have to give them a chance!

    xx, Be || lovefrombe

  10. Lovely products! I really like the shades of nail polishes and that lip gloss crayon looks beautiful :)

    Love,Sara Wallflower

  11. You have such a lovely blog Eleanor! I'm going to Primark tomorrow so I was so excited to read this post. Can't wait to get my hands on some bits now!! :-)
    Sarah x

  12. i LOVE those caviar nails, they're so so so fun!! and that red lipstick is gorgeous- i love how bright and cheerful it is

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  13. the nail polishes are cute!!!!
    I love the black packaging for the lipstick and the mascara. Maybe use a lip liner for a fuller lip look :)

    Arianne |

  14. like the colour of your nail !

    Check my blog YOKO NGUYEN BLOG

  15. your lashes look amazing!

    from helen at

    ps. my cute Dahlia coat giveaway worth £80 ends soon! click here!

  16. That lipstick looks lovely! I have that duck egg blue nail polish and I was very disappointed by it too, it's veryyy streaky! Lovely post x

  17. Its a shame the polish you got was really sheer, as its a gorgeous shade! You got some lovely bits!
    xprincessjas | ♥

  18. LOVE how inexpensive the nail colors are, but I guess you get what you pay for. :)

    xx Sarah | Loser Girl Wins

  19. Primark once disappointed me greatly with their nail varnishes so I haven't looked into their other products yet but they seem okay for people who shop on a budget. They kind of remind me of H&M make up!
    Elina | Miss Blue Eyes

    1. I was pretty darn disappointed by the nail polish too! So sheer! The other products mentioned in this post I was actually fairly impressed by. I hadn't looked into their products before either as I figured they'd be bad quality as it's Primark but had read a few positive reviews of the range and figured that at such a cheap price, it's worth the risk it'll be bad.

  20. I'm disappointed that the nail polish takes 3 coats! It's such a beautiful shade of blue!

    Check out what self-tanners I'm using this summer!

  21. I saw this collection at primark the other day and I was a bit hesitant to buy anything even though they were so cheap. I really wanted to get their nail polishes because they had some great colours but I'm glad I didn't, I hate sheer nail polishes.
    Kookii || The Beauty Diary♥

  22. I've only ever tried false nails in Primark when it comes to beauty but I will have to pick up a few things after reading this! Thanks, lovely post!

    Style Storms

  23. I have to admit, after one horrific eyeshadow palette I bought from Primark I have avoided their makeup like the plague! But that lipstick looks quite tempting...
    The Primark fake tan is an absolute gem though, I will link you my post about it I did a few months back. Xxx
    (don't know if the link will work, I'm new to blogging!);postID=6990068027387434241;onPublishedMenu=posts;onClosedMenu=posts;postNum=10;src=postname

  24. I have a few bits, the fake nails are pretty good as well, cheap and cheerful xxxx

  25. The nail colours are gorgeous!! Plus the mascara doesn't look too bad also ^^
    The Pixie Cut | Cosmo Blog award winner


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