Saturday, 28 June 2014

Prom OOTD and FOTD

On Friday it was my Year 13 prom, marking the end of my time at school. It wasn't as formal as Year 11 prom - there were no fancy floor length dresses and some of the guys even wore jeans. Regardless, I still tried to put in a bit of effort and thought I'd write my first OOTD post, sharing what I wore with you. I wore one of my favourite dresses and spent a horrid length of time on the tedious task of curling my hair with my straighteners. For my makeup, I created a brown smokey eye with a slightly vampy lip to match my burgundy nails. I did debate wearing a darker and so more vampy lipstick which would better match my nails but decided this would be too autumnal. 
I did wear tights which strike some as a little odd considering that it's Summer. I will wear tights whatever the season due to the fact I'm rather self concious about my legs - I bruise extremely easy so I am always covered in bruises, I have a rather prominent scar from cutting myself on a mirror last year and, let's face it, tights are pretty slimming! I've been forcing myself to wear tights less recently and am becoming more and more comfortable showing my legs but I decided that for prom I wanted to feel as confident as possible and opted for tights.

Dress - Select
Shoes - New Look

MUA Smokin Palette (Fantasy) - Lightly patted onto entire lid to set the liquid eyeshadow
Sleek Ultra Mattes V2 (Paper Bag) - Blended into crease
Sleek Ultra Mattes V2 (Noir) - Blended into outer corner and outer part of crease

Have you had/ will soon have your end of school prom?

 photo 0542261d-477e-4cad-b541-2d5ed6e36f77_zpsed3ac7bd.png


  1. You look lovely! Hope you had an amazing time!
    xprincessjas | xx

  2. Love the dress, you look great !!!

  3. You look lovely! The dress is so pretty and your make up goes with it really well :) x

    Jasmin Charlotte

  4. you look really lovely! loving your shoes, and your makeups looks amazing

  5. How stunning are your eyes?! And flawless skin, bet your was the envy at everyone at the prom!

    Belle ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

    1. Awwr, thankyou that's such a sweet comment. Aha, tis the power of the makeup and the fact I don't get an awful lot of sun XD I do struggle to cover the dark circles under my eyes though - they're pretty prominent against my pale skin :/

  6. So pretty, absolutely adore your eye makeup paired with that lipstick! And your hair looks lovely even if it was a tedious task! I hope you had lots of fun :D

    Efflorescent Dream

  7. Those shoes are lovely, they look comfier than more dressy heels. Hope you had a fab time!

    1. They are, especially as they're shoe boots rather than pumps. I would have worn higher ones but I knew I'd be on my feet all night and the venue are funny about taking your shoes off due to health and safety.

  8. Your hair and makeup look gorgeous! :)

    Style Sunrise


  9. I love your eye make up! You looked so pretty x


  10. Hey beauty,this is an amazing post!
    keep posting!
    xoxo Antonella

  11. It'll be my year 13 prom next year and I'm so excited that i've already started looking at dresses haha! You look beautiful by the way
    The Lipstick, The Girl and Her Wardrobe

  12. Gorgeous makeup!!

    - Kristine B

  13. Oh my goodness, your makeup is so gorgeous and flawless! I really love how perfect your bold lipstick is. Cute dress too!


  14. You look wonderful! Seriously impressed with your makeup!

  15. This dress is so so pretty and look great on you!! :) The shoes are amazing too Gisforgingers xx


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